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Instead of Scrolling Activity Deck

Instead of Scrolling Activity Deck

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Stuck in a habit of scrolling social media for hours, but don't know what else to do? This deck is for you. 

What's Inside: 54 cards with 100+ activity suggestions to help you take a break from mindless scrolling & explore new ways to spend your free-time.

Includes activities to have fun, get outside, create, learn, connect, rest, feel productive, and more!

    How to Use: Simply shuffle, pick a card, select an option, and do that thing instead 

      • Made in USA
      • Young Adults
      • Budget Friendly Activities
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      A card deck designed to help you...

      Reduce time spent on social media

      Let's face it, our social media feeds are designed to be addictive. It's easy to feel powerless to the urge to continue scrolling.

      Instead of Scrolling deck is a shame-free tool to feel more in control and make mindful choices.

      Boost mental health

      While social media has positive benefits, excessive consumption can negatively impact our mental health and wellbeing.

      Instead of Scrolling deck will help you take regular breaks to reset and practice balance.

      Give new life to your free time

      Lacking other interests and hobbies besides scrolling can make us feel like life is passing us by.

      Instead of Scrolling deck will help you scroll less and live more by trying out new and creative ways to use your free time.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 16 reviews
      Donovan Dennis
      Everyone should have a deck!

      I am so happy I got a deck of these cards! I've been trying to cut back on screen time and focus on my health and other tasks more but since getting these cards, I've felt much more motivated to take healthy breaks from work anf studying and get active! The card activities and GREAT and I've even gotten my parents involved too--family fun! Love the feeling I get when "checking" something off my todo list so completing these activities helps with that too. All around great purchase! Validating and encouraging healthier habits! Thanks TinyFolly!

      Neaka Mohtashemi
      So cute and helpful!

      I, like so many others, have the hardest time with scrolling. This card set is a lifesaver! I love all the fun and productive suggestions, and I find myself scrolling less and reaching for the cards more. What a fabulous product!

      Ashley J
      BRILLIANT product! My habits are already changing for the better :)

      It is really easy to fall into a pattern of 'unwinding' after a long day of work with hours of Insta or TikTok, rather than seeking out something that actually gets me away from screens and benefits my mind and body. The Instead of Scrolling deck is the kickstart I needed to replace these habits with healthier (and way more fun!) alternatives that help me reconnect with myself, my loved ones, and my community. I can't wait to gift this product to family and friends :)

      KA Hall
      Bust out of your rut!

      The things to do instead of scrolling in this deck are genius! When my partner and I are both scrolling, we draw a card and complete the activity together—bonus quality time! Also handy to have when “someone” complains that there’s nothing to do. Voila! 100+ things to do! This is a perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your list!

      Kelly Miller
      The Cards I Never Knew I Needed!

      A great way to step away and disconnect from the daily mundane scrolling and feel productive and engaged! Perfect for teenagers, teachers, family adults, and friends!